Love robots, learn about robots.

Robots are coming to homes, roads, computers, and more. I am figuring out where they’re coming first and how to be ready for them.

This publication has two components:

  1. Essays (near-weekly, Fridays): I do a deep dive into a topic of interest regarding AI, automation, and related fields.

  2. Newsletters (monthly, Wednesdays): I collect and comment on developments in the robotics and automation space (plus some of my other interests).

Why me?

I have spent years blogging about artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. I find a huge lack of signal in the noise of social media, mainstream press, and where we get most of our news. I want to send high quality, forward looking writing directly to my readers inboxes.

I’m always trying to learn and optimize my life. We need more people building. Not big on credentialism, but I do research in robot learning at UC Berkeley, and you can find more here Please subscribe, and let me know what you want to learn about.

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