Long-form and thoughtful AI content

There are not enough people trying to explain complicated topics in AI research and how it integrates with society. I am being the change I want to see in the world. The writing may not always be timely, but I do my best to make it thought provoking and engaging.

My background is in robotics and machine learning, so a lot of the topics will cover this. I write about what I am interested in, when I am.

I love hearing from people and uplifting those in my community.

Some examples of my popular writing

Why me?

I have spent years blogging about artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. I find a huge lack of signal in the noise of social media, mainstream press, and where we get most of our news. I want to send high quality, forward looking writing directly to my readers inboxes.

I’m always trying to learn and optimize my life. We need more people building. Not big on credentialism, but I do research in robot learning at UC Berkeley, and you can find more here natolambert.com.

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Nathan Lambert
Learner, non-pro athlete, yogi, and embodied ai researcher @ HuggingFace.