Robotics Transformers, DreamerV3, XLand 2, and hoping that scaling laws are coming embodied AI.

January 2023

How an unlikely corner of robotics research, locomotion, defined RL's new notion of success.
My predictions for machine learning this year: 3D assets, self-driving, GPT4, RLHF, Deep RL, diffusion models, and conference cycles.

December 2022

Models aren't moats and how emergent behavior scaling laws will change the business landscape.
Model-as-a-service makes more sense when there is a data advantage to back it up.
Common machine learning systems are starting to deploy the RL lens of feedback.

November 2022

A private space for us to converse and connect

October 2022

A musing on how I think autonomous system companies should use RL.

September 2022

What I've been up to and what's coming soon.

February 2022

Choices, risks, and reward reporting. Recommendations for how to integrate RL systems with society.

January 2022

A tour of control theory, multi-agent RL, and hierarchical learning.

August 2021

Industry labs power up their robot learning research with parallelization!